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Quick Reference Guide

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This guide to the ESL language contains a brief description of the language statement, organized by the type of element, together with their syntax model:

You will find complete information about all the language elements in the Programmer's Guide for the ESL Language.

In this guide, we use the following conventions to describe the statement syntax:


keyword [optional_keyword







Boldface lowercase words.


ESL statement name or keyword. Specify it  exactly as shown.

Underlined boldface lowercase words.


Default value for a choice of ESL keywords. If you do not include  one of the choices, ESL uses the value underlined.

Uppercase words.


You must specify a value or identifier (such as filename).

Bold symbols

( ) 

You must specify exactly as shown.


{ }

You must specify one of  the entries in the braces.

Vertical Bar


The separator character used between choices.

Square brackets

[ ]

Optional entry. You can select one or none of the entries in the brackets.



You can repeat the preceding entry a number of times.