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ESL Documentation

This option provides a convenient way to test SQL statements and to save the SQL query.

Use this option to edit the current SQL query manually or to type in a new SQL query.  

Note: Any modifications made to the SQL query displayed in the Test SQL dialog box will not be reflected in the SQL statement used within the construction dialog boxes.

Test SQL Dialog Box

SQL Command:

Type in and edit a SQL query here.

SQL Results:

The result set for the SQL query is displayed here.


Select this button to execute the SQL query from the SQL Command window.

ESL Code:

When you save the current SQL query the type of operation performed depends on the option selected in the Generate menu.

If the Generate Query option is selected, then the current SQL query is saved to the data file specified.

When selecting the Generate Application option, an entire ESL application is generated using the current query contained in the SQL Command window.  The ESL code generated here provides a dialog box and a table object for viewing the result set. No Insert, Update, or Delete functions are generated.

Code Generation



Select this button to bring up the Column Name Lookup dialog box from which you can copy a column name or value to the clipboard.