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ESL Documentation

Select this option to build a GROUPED QUERY as part of a multi-row select statement. The GROUP BY clause returns a single data row for each group.

Pressing the OK button in the Group By dialog box adds the GROUP BY clause to the current SELECT statement.  The SQL Statement window displays the GROUP BY clause as part of the current SQL statement.

Note: The selected item in a GROUPED QUERY must be a constant, a column function (a function that takes a column of data values and returns a single result), or a grouped column (a column named in the GROUP BY clause).  You may use a Having clause to limit the groups returned by the GROUP BY clause.

Group By Dialog Box


All columns in the current SQL select statement are displayed.  Select each column to include in the GROUP BY clause.


This list box is the source for the columns in the GROUP BY clause.


Use the > push button to move a column from the Columns list box into the Selected list box.  


Use the < push button to remove a selected column from the Selected list box.