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Using the Attribute Editor

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The Attribute Editor dialog box consists of a series of pages which present the attributes of the ESL object which you are editing.

Attribute Editor Pages:


Size & Position

Region & Frame

All Attributes

The General, Size & Position, and Region & Frame pages group attributes according to their function.  Use these pages to edit attributes when you want to see a grouped view of an object's attributes.

The All Attributes page lists alphabetically each attribute available for an object.  Use this page to edit attributes which are not common to many types of objects.  Also use this page when you know an object's set of attributes well and want to edit an attribute's value most directly.

Modifying the Attributes of an Object

Objects and their Attributes

The Attribute Editor provides an easy way to modify the attributes for an object.  However, some attributes for an object must be defined outside the Attribute Editor.

Attributes Outside the Scope of the Layout Editor