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ESL Release Notes

This include file contains miscellaneous functions that will be of use to the more advanced ESL developer. They are based on ESL's external DLL call interface (i.e. ECI) to access standard operating system APIs.

As there is no dynamic link library directly associated with the OSUTIL include file, it is possible to use the latest version of OSUTIL with older editions of ESL. Please contact the ESL Help Desk if you wish to download the latest copy of the, so you can access recently added routines. Also, if ESL does not currently provide access to a System Function you need, then we can normally add an appropriate routine(s) to OSUTIL.

All routines and functions within the OSUTIL include file are prefixed with "OS_", therefore we strongly recommend you do not use this prefix within your application source code. If you wish to make use of any of the facilities, remember to add the statement:

include ""

in your application source code.

The following categories of routines are supported:

Standard File Dialogs

Keyboard Modifier Key Queries

Mouse Queries

Entry Field Selections

Edit menu operations

Coordinate conversions

Environment Variables

File Directories



Note. The majority of the routines are demonstrated by the OSUTIL sample.