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ESL Release Notes

EslFonts.fon has been superseded by new true-type fonts, EslMono.ttf and EslCaps.ttf and the old default font "medium" has been replaced by "Esl Mono"

The default font can now be configured via the "DEFAULTFONT" parameter in the ESL configuration file.

You can also modify the size of the default font, by setting the "FONTHEIGHT" and "FONTWIDTH" parameters.









As the old "ESLFONTS" files contain multiple fonts, certain security tools consider them to be potential virus carriers, so will not allow ESL to install them. If you wish to continue to use the old bitmap fonts, please retain a copy of the ESLFONTS file, before uninstalling, then once the new version of ESL has been installed, copy the font file back into the ESL installation directory.

To ensure the old fonts are loaded and used, set the following configuration parameters:


If your application needs to use fonts from different font files, then you can ensure all the required fonts are installed by listing the names, separated by a semicolon, in the FONTDLL parameter, for example:



The ESL Helpdesk will be able to assist if you have any issues with using the new fonts, or attempting to retain the old bitmap fonts.