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ESL Release Notes

ESL Communications Server Terminal Emulator support has been tested with the following versions;

IBM Personal Communications for Windows, version 5.6, distributed as part of Host Access Client Package V3 for Multiplatforms

Rumba version 8.2 (Micro Focus)

INFOConnect® Enterprise version 9.1 Attachmate Corporation

BlueZone Mainframe Display version 3.5C1

(Please contact Seagull Software to ensure you have the latest versions  of the 32bit EEHLLAPI library - EHLAPI32.DLL).

With version 13.20 we have introduced a new option, to allow certain Emulator packages, such as Attachmate's Reflections, to be used via the older 16bit data structures. We have also dropped the use of a separate debugging version of the ECS library (i.e. ESLCMDBG.dll). The log file feature is switched on by the value of the LogFlags parameter within the ECS initialisation file. To aid the detection of errors locating the initialisation file, the option to create a log is a default.

As well as searching the directories within the PATH, the ECS initialisation file "ESLCMSRV.INI" can now be stored in the current directory, to allow for testing of different configurations. This is also useful, as the default location of the initialisation file, the main ESL runtime directory, may be under "User Account Control", so cannot be amended quickly.